It is basicly a convention for bronies by bronies. The whole event focuses primarily on the community and is highly influenced by our beloved series.
Also, the Fair provides a lot of games taken from the series and a unique experience of a weekend in Equestria.
It will take place on June 10-11, 2016 in Berlin.
We’d like to tie in with the successful Brony Fair 2015 and are continually out to improve ourselves.


When is the Brony Fair?

The Brony Fair starts on June 10th, and ends on June 11th, 2017.

Where is the Brony Fair?

The Brony Fair is in Berlin, Germany, and the venue is located at:
Fontane Haus
Wilhelmsruher Damm 142c
13435 Berlin

Why Brony Fair?

We want to create a big party for Bronies; The Brony Fair is not a Convention, it’s a festival which is very strongly oriented towards the series and brings the community back to the roots with games, tombolas and more. This doesn’t necessarily fit the definition of a normal convention, and that is the reason why we are calling it a fair.

Why Berlin?

As you all know, Berlin is the capital of Germany. Berlin itself already offers significant advantages to you and especially our international guests in terms of size and infrastructure, along with the best possible accessibility and venue attractiveness. This gives countless opportunities to give you an unforgettable weekend.

Why did you chose the Fontane Haus as the location?

Unlike in other event locations we are able to organize the Brony Fair according to our ideas, so that way we can transpose Equestria to Berlin for you without having any obstacles put in our way..

Where can I get a ticket, how much does a ticket cost and what is included?

You can find the pricing table for our five different tickets here: Tickets.
Every ticket includes admission on all two days, participation in the Iron Pony Competition, access to all panels and workshops, the disco and the ball. Children up to the age of 6, under parental supervision, are exempt from the price of admission.
Not included in the admission price are food and beverages on site.
Unsupervised children and teens under the age of sixteen or the age of eighteen, have to leave the premises, according to youth protection laws, no later than 10 PM or 12 AM respectively.

I want to come with my little sister and a good friend, can we use the family ticket?

Definitely not. The family ticket is exclusively for visitors who are demonstrably directly related to each other. We define this as, for example: Stepfathers / Uncles etc. Should we doubt your familial relationship, you will need to provide us with some form of proof.

I bought a ticket, but I have a problem with it. Who can help me?

Please write us an eMail at chairman[at]brony-fair[dot]de, or use the contact form and describe your problem to us, so that we can help you.

I just wanted to see how the ticket-program works. Now I accidentally bought a ticket. What now?

At this point we need to emphasize that you had to input all of your information into the ticket system, and that you had to confirm it multiple times. You agreed to the purchase and you have entered into a binding purchase agreement. Furthermore, you have explicitly agreed to the purchase, thereby, a binding purchase agreement has been formed.
During the purchase, the Remote-purchase Law , in accordance with §312b Section 3 No.6 of the Federal Code , finds no application.
In this case, please write us an E-Mail immediately.

In case of problems - What is the deadline to cancel the ticket? Is the ticket transferrable, or can i sell my ticket?

Unfortunately, you can’t cancel your booked ticket. Likewise you can’t change your order to a lower price class, and you can’t sell it. You are warned about these facts when you purchase your ticket.
Because of organizational reasons, the tickets are personalized and you can’t transfer them or sell them to other persons. The person whose name was used for the purchase of the ticket has to pick it up at the entrance. During entry, the personal data noted on the ticket will be matched to yours.
§ 312g section 2 no. 9 the German Civil Code from the 06/13/2014 regulates that the law on contracts for the provision of services in the area of leisure activities does not apply. This means that a two-week cancellation and restitution is excluded.

I want to come as a volunteer, do i need a ticket too?

Du möchtest uns als Helfer unterstützen?
You want to help us as a volunteer? Thats awesome! You may apply now via the volunteer-application form. You can find more information about our volunteer-conditions under the volunteer guidelines. Volunteers don’t need an additional ticket as admission and catering will be provided by us in return for your help.

Can I bring my own food and / or drinks?

Its allowed to bring food/drinks with you to the event. Exceptions are glass bottles and cans. Due to hygiene reasons it is not allowed to eat and drink in the main hall or areas with carpet floor. In addition, there will be a catering service at the venue which will supply you with food and drinks.

What else is there to keep in mind at the venue?

Its not allowed to take pets with you. Also the consumption of alcohol and illegal substances on the venue property is strictly forbidden.
However, the smoking of cigarettes and other tobacco based products is allowed in the designated areas.
You can dispose of trash in a bin or take it home with you.
Saucy, R34, Gore or similar non family friendly material which is targeted at adults has to stay home.

What do I have to pay attention to when Cosplaying?

To see the full List of Cosplay-Guidelines, please download our guide here.

Can I hand off my jacket or backpack somewhere?

There will be a wardrobe at the Brony Fair where you can hand in your jackets and bags to be stored in exchange for a small fee.

Do I have to bring a change of clothes to attend the Iron Pony Competition?

Normal, comfortable clothes are sufficient. Please make sure to take off items such as rivet chokers, necklaces, big earrings or similar apparel, so that you and others are not hurt by them. Attendees with high heels are advised to take a flat pair of shoes with them.