Bronies for Good

Unconditional kindness. Imagine a thunderstorm. Would Fluttershy turn someone away because they don’t have hooves or a furry tail? Would she protect a squirrel but turn away a chicken just because of its species? Of course not. Fluttershy’s kindness is wide enough for every critter – and at Brony Fair we can prove that our kindness is just as wide.

Animal Equality. Our charity fundraiser Seeds of Kindness continues to support the important work of the charity Animal Equality. When animals are abused or suffer, Animal Equality is there to defend them. For ten years now, the international organization has been conducting investigations around the world to bring to light animal abuse wherever it happens. Please read more about Animal Equality on the organization’s website.

Standout charity. Animal Charity Evaluators tries to find the best animal charities in the world. It estimates that Animal Equality probably saves multiple animals from suffering for every dollar donated and recommends it as one of its standout charities. Please read more about Animal Equality in the review by Animal Charity Evaluators.

A comparison, conducted by Animal Charity Evaluators, of the number of animals typically saved or spared from suffering through a $1000 donation by the average animal shelter and the average Animal Charity Evaluators top charity.

Seeds of Kindness at Brony Fair 2017. Brony Fair again supports our charity program with a charity table in a prime location at the convention. As usual, all donations go to our charity in full!

We’ll be looking forward to meeting you at our charity table at Brony Fair 2017!