Brony Fair

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Where is Brony Fair and why is Unity traveling?


Many of you are asking themselves (and us too): When is the next Brony Fair?

The short answer is, that there will be no Brony Fair in the years to come.

Yes, you read correctly, there will be no Brony Fair in the foreseeable future.


But remains the big question, why there will be no fair?

There is no definitive answer to this question, but I want to try it:
The project Brony Fair has always stood for a lot and unfortunately also for problems. You all know the conservative attitude that the chairmen have shown (nobody wanted another Las Pegasus), but also behind the scenes there were always problems. For the year 2017 too many members of the team were caught up by their private life and the negotiations with the VIPs took too long. In short, we could not provide a Fair that could meet our standards.

Why is there none in 2018?
For the year 2018, we wanted to completely rearrange, as we have seen that the Fair is always developing to be the second convention in Germany. We did not want this, because the GalaCon is simply the more popular convention and we have also moved farther and farther away from the basic idea of our ​​Fair.
We were even so far that we could announce Brony Fair 2018, when the biggest of all show stoppers destroyed all the plans in one fell swoop. The tax advisor.
Please understand that we CANNOT publish any further details at this point.

How do we go on?
Now, especially the father of the Brony Fair, Evangelion needs a proper break to gather strength for everything that is yet to come. The rest of the team has already turned to an alternative project so as not to get out of the practice.
The Fair itself, however, must unfortunately rest for the coming years, but be sure that our concept will find its implementation one day.
During this time I will continue to travel, so keep your eyes open and come over and talk to me when you see me!

~Sincerely yours