Brony Fair

Welcome to the Brony Fair homepage!

Hello everypony!

Surely you already noticed, that Brony Fair 2017 will not take place. Refunds for all Brony Fair 2017 tickets will start shortly. Of course, everypony is going to get their money back!

But what’s Canni doing here?

GalaCon and Brony Fair look back on roughly three years of friendship. And in a situation like this, almost nothing is more important than friendship. Therefore, GalaCon offers you a 5.00 € discount on your ticket purchase if you bought a ticket to Brony Fair beforehand! To claim this discount, just add to your name and your Brony Fair ticket number on in the comment section while purchasing your GalaCon ticket.

You’ll get an e-mail containing all the information, as well as a confirmation of your refund soon.

Thank you again and we hope to see you at GalaCon on July 29. / 30.2017!

Hello everypony!

As you may have noticed, some things went differently at Brony Fair than you were accustomed to. You often heard little from us and also announcements came later than we wished. All of this is due to the fact that we had not only a few changes in our team, but our staff was often caught up in their private life. Each of us has got a full-time job, some of us even got additional obligations.

All of this let us reach a point where we can not realise Brony Fair in an appropriate quality this year.

This decision was not easy for us. Each of us did what they could to make Brony Fair 2017 still possible, but it just wasn’t enough.

A lot of things are already prepared though! And that’s not in vain! Brony Fair may be postponed for an indefinite period, but be sure you will hear from us again! We are really looking forward to it.

Following us on Twitter or Facebook? Keep an eye on our feeds, because we’re still here and will inform you about our situation. Also Unity is still on tour with her friends Canni, Libussa, Nessy and others to inform you about GalaCon, Czequestria, BronyScot and other events. So you’ll always stay up to date on our situation.

Because of this trend the special Christmas items will not be available. We are very sorry about this.

If you have already bought a ticket, rest assured, that we will contact you as soon as possible, to discuss a complete refund or other alternatives.

The venue is located at:
Fontane Haus
Wilhelmsruher Damm 142c
13435 Berlin